If you’re an existing member, you can get a Buy One Get One Free on days booked during December and January (e.g. book one day, get the following day free)

New members; join in December or January and get the same offer on your first booking during January, February and March!

West Wheels is an opportunity for those of us living in and around  Mallaig to try out a new idea in car ownership.  Instead of owning a car yourself, you share a car with other members of the WestWheels Car Club – all the convenience of a car without the stress of owning one.

WestWheels has three vehicles – a Ford Focus and a Ford Fusion based in Mallaig Harbour and a Ford Fusion based in the Astley Hall Car Park in Arisaig.

Cars can be booked for an hour, a few hours, a day or longer. If you’re travelling with another member of the club you can share the driving regardless of which member made the booking.

Our charges include fuel,  fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover (breakdown call 0800 616 300).

Keys can be picked up from a “keysafe” near the car making them accessible 24 hours a day.

Our WestWheels Co-ordinator Stewart is there to keep an eye on the vehicles and to support members.  If you are new to the club he will make a special effort to explain to you where things are and how they work.  You can contact Stewart by email or on 07848 030317

Booking a car is simple.  Book online or by phone and you’re done.  A car when you need one, not when you don’t.

Set up as an Industrial and Provident Society, WestWheels Car Club is run for the benefit of its members and is a member of Carplus – the national charity promoting a rethink in car use.

WestWheels is supported by the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland Programme; managed by Carplus and funded by Transport Scotland, an agency of the Scottish Government.

WestWheels Car Club is a member of Carplus, the national charity promoting responsible car use.

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