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Then click on ‘Book a Car’ link and follow links to the Mallaig booking system.

Keys – are kept in a key safe attached to the rear window of the cars.  Once your membership has been approved, you will be given the code.

Log Book – date & time of use, mileage and any fuel purchased

Fuel – diesel electricity – when you return the vehicles, make sure there’s at least a quarter tank of diesel in the Fabia and plug in the electric van to the charge point so the next user gets it fully charged.

Our mileage rate of 10p for the electric car is based on members using free charge points.  If you charge your car from a paid electric charge point you will not be reimbursed and will have to cover that cost yourself.

If you have to buy diesel, screen wash or whatever, write your name on the receipt and put it in the logbook.

Breakdown Cover – call RAC on 0800 616 300

Emergencies -in case of emergency call 07848 030317

Cleaning the car – please leave the car as you would want to find it.

Any problems, please phone us on 07848 030317  or click HERE to email us.