The hourly or daily charge includes insurance.

Car clubs charge a mileage charge and this covers fuel and maintenance costs. Users are reimbursed for the cost of any diesel fuel they have to buy.


Charge per mile Charge per hour for up to 12 hours Charge per hour for up to 6 hours 12 hours or more /Daily hire rate
Skoda Fabia £0.20 £3.00 £4.00 £35.00
Kangoo electric van £0.10 £3.00 £4.00 £33.00

* Our mileage rate of 10p for the electric car is based on members using free charge points.  If you charge your car from a paid electric charge point you will not be reimbursed and will have to cover that cost yourself.

We have recently decided to bring our prices more in line with other car clubs while still providing an affordable alternative to commercial car hire. Our prices are still lower than most other car clubs.


You will be billed at the end of the month that you’ve used the car, based on the mileage you write in the log book, so it’s important you remember to write in what time you picked the car up and dropped it off and the miles you did.

If you have to buy any diesel, screen wash or other items for the car, leave the receipt with your name on it in the log book and your bill will be credited with that amount.


To use our vehicles you need to be a member of the West Wheels Car Club. Membership costs £60 per person, per year, paid by direct debit at £5 per month

To work out how much it costs you to own and use your own car, try the Carplus calculator.